★ Health Care

The first activity in Health Care for Peter Luscuere took place after the Clean Room years at Philips. At TNO a perfect opportunity existed to apply knowledge and insights in dynamic particle behavior as gained at Philips to Operating Rooms in hospitals. After building a research facility with industrial partners research was done to improve the environment and air quality in Operation Rooms to reduce the risk of infections. In his next position as a director at RTB van Heugten he was in charge of all Health Care projects. Van Heugten was a M&E consultant with much experience in Health Care. From all 8 university hospitals in The Netherlands, RTB van Heugten has realized 4 completely as were many other hospitals, psychiatric facilities, elderly homes etc. In all Health Care projects which were acquired by him he participated in the design teams together with the clients, architect, project manager at least to the end of the conceptual phase. In most of these projects his method of defining ambitions on integrated complex questions like: logistics, flexibility and sustainability was used. This method was often an eye-opener for clients to define what they really wanted and important to define priorities if financial constraints were limiting the realization of a number of these whishes.